Mom Fell Again
Mom Fell Again

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"Lover Boy says "I'm ready(for the grand opening)!" Silly Sheltie, that's a coffee table, not a grooming table. " - Stella W.




"So happy to be able to support local groomers. Our dog came out perfect. They pay attention to details and make sure they do what you want. Super friendly staff. Definitely recommend!"  - Kelli T.

"My dog is 1/2 lab 1/2 Great Dane and not very fond of a bath, the blow dryer and especially not the nail clipping. I have taken her to other places and they can never get to her nails. We now have a place we can take her to and get everything done. She is hyper and a handful but Head2Tails took very good care of her and she actually smells wonderful. Every other place just got the stinch out but here she actually came home smelling great! Thank Thank you We are very pleased to say the least!!!!" - Rachel L.

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